Start a Conversation

Choose from any of the following options to start a conversation about long-term care.


1. Talk to your family about plans for aging 

Taking it as it comes is not a plan. Sudden debilitating accidents and diseases are not planned but are life changing. Talk about care options and preferences about housing and what if scenarios while they can. A few hours and some documentation every year can be the difference between guilt and comfortable living. 


2. Post on social media 

Share an experience you have had with long-term care, and include what you did and did not like. Post positive things too, such as a photo of yourself and an older loved one that illustrates their value in your life and the esteem in which they are held.  


3. Have lunch with an aging adult

Bring your kids or go to lunch with your aging parents. As a broader trend, generational relationships have been separating. Couples move across the country and start families, children need experiences interacting with aging adults related or unrelated. These experience will teach them how to behave across generations. 


4. Follow the Long-term Care Re-Think Tank on social media

5. Share a story about LTC that we can share on Social Media

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