Most of the current policy discussions revolve around controlling the costs of care. Buying something we don't want, even at a discount, is no bargain.
We need to start defining what we want from long-term care.


The population is aging; maintaining the status quo is unaffordable.


The status quo is not what people want. We are in danger of inflicting on our parents care we would never want for ourselves.


Medical models minimize the potential to improve client quality of life and overall wellbeing.


Long-term care was never planned; it evolved in response to financial and regulatory incentives. It responded to a need to supplement (but not supplant) family care.

Before you try to change a system, you have to know how it came to be.


A great deal of innovation is occurring; technology will play a key role.

Building blocks

LTC consists of three basic building blocks: room and board, personal care services, and medical care; it can be delivered in a variety of settings.

Minnesota leads

Minnesota has been rated as a national leader in LTC rebalancing, but that should not be a basis for complacency. If we are to retain our edge, we need to think creatively.

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