Re-imagining Long-term Care Study

We are currently conducting a study to identify new concepts on ways to structure long-term care. The Delphi Technique follows a format to reduce bias by making participants confidential but then building consensus between participants.    


We are seeking the advice, imagination, and insights of experts and lay leaders from around the country to help us re-think the essence of LTC.  We hope this mechanism will result in bold thoughts about how LTC can be re-conceptualized, reconfigured, and become a highly-valued service.  


The study has three cycles:

Cycle 1

Seeks your suggestions for innovative, out-of-the-box models or approaches to providing the components of LTC.


Cycle 2

For the second round, participants will rate each of the proposals and ideas against a set of attributes that have been proposed as important for good LTC. We also ask you to provide comments on the choices you made.


Cycle 3 

Participants will be shown the ranking of ideas for LTC, including the summarized comments about each from the study participants, and ask for another round of ratings in the light of those comments. 


If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact us. We anticipate completing data collection of the study in summer of 2017.

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